John jwol at
Fri Oct 7 11:32:56 EDT 2005

... advice if they have has a similar problem?  Here is the background:

After attending a joint eBay/USPS presentation, I attempted to print my own
shipping labels with postage through eBay/Paypal.  Note that I am not using
labels or a label printer.  I am running Windows XP SP2 on a Compaq with
more than enough firepower and memory.  My printer is an HP lazerjet, 4L.

I was able to negotiate the screens and when I directed the system to print
the shipping document, nothing appears to have been communicated to my
printer.  Normally, a light blinks on my printer and shortly the document I
sent to the printer prints, but nothing in this case.  I was billed by the
USPS and sent an eMail that I had printed the label.  I attempted to reprint
the label, but the screen that should have had the label had a little box
with an X in it.

I contacted eBAy/Papal and the individual told me to use Mozilla or download
Java and he gave me a site.  Not wanting to change from a browser that I am
satisfied with, I downloaded Java but now when I get to the selling site on
eBay, my system freezes.  I disabled Java and am now able to sell.

Emailing eBay/Paypall, they replied "The Java applet should not have caused
an issue with your browser.  I would suggest that you delete cookies and
temporary files.  Also it would not be a bad idea to delete and reinstall
you printer drivers making certain that you have the most current drivers
for you printer."  I have no issues with my printer other than this one and
the only cookies I have are for sites I visit daily.

Any thoughts on the above?


John Wolansky

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