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> Hi John,
> This is a great idea.  For example, I read Ms. Dobson based on  
> Scot's recommendation as a fun book, and was very glad he passed  
> along the suggestion to me.  It really was a hoot, as advertised.
> I see two things here: a 'fun' category, and a recommended reading  
> list.  Maybe they are the same, but maybe not.
> I was planning on having a Five Best and Five Worst titles section  
> on the Collector's site, so each collector could indicate their  
> most favorites and least favorites.  The former would be the  
> Recommended List.  I guess the latter is the Avoid List.
> If Scot balks at the 'fun' category, I would be happy to set that  
> up on the Collector site.  Folks could enter it online, and modify  
> later if they read a 'funner' one.
> Scot, what do you think?
I think this is an EXCELLENT project for your site, Ron. The focus of  
Dogeared is more objective, while your site is more subjective and  

Scot Kamins

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