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Tue Oct 4 19:37:03 EDT 2005

On Oct 4, 2005, at 12:48 AM, 20 Ants wrote:

> "I'm a Development Editor and Technical Editor, but I've also been an 
> author for (BigBuxPublishing). I know that writing this stuff isn't 
> what people imagine when they think of writing a book: it's mostly 
> tough, grinding, occasionally miserable work. I recognize the effort 
> this stuff takes and wanted you to know that I appreciate what it 
> takes and the quality of what you're writing. After the dust settles 
> you'll feel mighty good about what you've accomplished. Other than 
> those little issues where you say "Damn... I need to do that 
> differently in the next edition...""
> No doubt the same applies to you, yes?

A fair assessment overall - although I actually enjoyed
the process more often than not (not as tough and grinding
as it could have been!)  The book was done mostly for
fun (I didn't have to write it) and has hundreds of maps
and graphics; creation on those, and their associated prose,
made this project more like writing a graphic novel.

What I learned is that any book in any form is mostly a
huge personal project, infused with quite a bit of one's
personality and experiences.  As I glance at the wall of
MLs and other books in the living room, it is overwhelming
to think of how much effort went into each one.

john k.

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