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I recently found a #2 binding Diary of Pepys in great shape (no dj of course) at a local thrift.  I paid my $1 and went home to discover that a previous owner had glued in little newsprint poems and pictures relating to Pepys, reviews etc.  Then I saw qa clipping that was on light blue paper with dark blue ink and it reads 
"Mr. Pepys comes naturally to a place inthe Modern Library because his whole spirit breathes modernity; he was an unconscious pragmatist in an age which was still half-mediaeval.  Setting down naively and wisely the scandals, amusements, bereavements and what-not of the times of Charles II.  Mr. Pepys innocently succeeded in revealing frankly an age and a human being-- Mr. Pepys.  The man's vanity tickles us; his shrewdness interests us, and the odds and evens of human nature show up altogether entertainingly in this celebrated log-book, to which Mr. Le Gallienne has contributed one of the most notable introuctions in the Modern Library."  
I don't have the ability to post a picture of it as yet.  The glue has come undone along the lower portion so I can see it is only printed on one side.  From other newspaper articles in the book, it looks like it is from 1925, which fits a #2 binding and Brodsky papers.  What would it have been from?
benjamin l clark

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