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> Subject: Period Studies: Toward a Modern Library Curriculum
> Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 13:36:55 -0700
> Folks,
> Thanks to all who have contributed so far to the Genre index. I've
> promoted it to an official page and added it to the Site Map.
> Dogeared members can see it here:
> http://www.dogeared.com/Identifiers/titleIndexCats.html
> I've also created a new index on the sly called "Period Studies:
> Toward a Modern Library Curriculum." The following is from the
> introduction:
> "You can get a pretty good education (albeit with a Western dead
> white guy bias) reading the Modern Library. This index sorts the
> Modern Library titles into period studies for those who prefer to
> follow a reading plan based on traditional Classical Education (prep
> school/liberal arts college) models.
> "Just for fun, I've also included a listing of 19th & 20th century
> Russian literature (very popular during the Cold War).
> if this section/idea proves popular, I can include links to
> authoritative study materials and websites. Just let me know."
> The new page lives here:
> http://www.dogeared.com/Identifiers/titleIndexCurricula.html
> So there your are. Comments and additions are, of course, welcome.
> - Scot Kamins
> "Speak your truth, even as your voice quakes."

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