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If you send me a signed copy and tel me how much,I shall forward you a check.
I have always wanted to know where I am!

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>> This was just released a few weeks ago.  Not an ML publication, but  
>> maybe some day!
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> WOW!!! Congrats, John!!!!! Your first book?

How embarrassing!  Up to this point everyone here assumed
I was a dashing and independently wealthy listserv owner
from the midwest.

A curious tale about the book: it was released in early
september and i noticed a printing error, but one that
few people would notice.  My publisher freaked out, and
shipped all the books (save for about 250 that were
pre-ordered and already shipped) back to the printer,
where the offending page was cut out and a new corrected
one "tipped in!"  More curious, the publisher sent out
"corrected" pages (just one page in an envelope) to the
250 people with copies, and is now sending "fixed" copies
of the book to these same people, instructing them to
recycle or throw away the error version of the book!
Thus the rare, first edition / first state is made
even rarer.

john k.

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