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On Oct 1, 2005, at 5:09 PM, readingstore at wrote about  
the Military/War category:
> More candidates:
> Leatherstocking Saga Cooper
> Hiroshima Hersey
> French Revolution Carlyle [G]
> Napoleon Ludwig
> Conquest of Mexico and Conquest of Peru Prescott
> Ten Days That Shook the World Reed
> Red Badge of Courage Crane
> Three Soldiers Dos Passos
> African Queen Forester
> Farewell To Arms Heminway
> Naked and the Dead Mailer
> Catch-22 Heller
Lessee - I guess it depends on how we define the category. All of the  
ones in the original list deal with war as war (with the possible  
exception of a few parts of the Iliad). Your list deals with war as a  
central theme among other themes (Reed, Carlyle, Ludwig), horrors of  
war and its aftermath (Hersey, Heller), war as means to an end (Reed,  
Carlyle, Prescott), war as crucible (Crane, Mailer). Looks to me like  
these all qualify!

  I don't know about Forester's African Queen, not having read it.

I don't understand why you'd include Cooper though. Help me out  
here. :-D

Comments from others?

Scot Kamins

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