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> Subject: The True First (thus) of Lust For Life
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> Folks,
> November 8th saw a discussion of the First of Lust for Life. The true
> first was in an oversized balloon cloth binding published in the
> Spring of 1939, with the Fall of 1939 seeing a Blumenthal issue. They
> both had plain endpapers.
> Then John Krygier wrote:
> "This is an odd title!  Is it fair to say that the balloon
> cloth FMLEd Stone is the true first, and the FMLEd HC not?
> If you are assessing this based on the insides & DJ, they
> are both firsts. If you are assessing this based on the
> binding, well, I guess the balloon is the real first."
> I think the real conclusion is that the balloon cloth issue was the
> first for a couple of reasons. First, the binding was earlier.
> Second, the number of titles published in the Spring was 265, then
> went to 268 in the Fall.
> Scot Kamins
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