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Sat Nov 12 14:55:41 EST 2005

I'm down in Indianapolis, but I guess I need to go North to Fort 
Wayne to get these Hyde Brothers finds. I just hate going to Fort 
Wayne "the city you can get into but not out of." All those damn one 
way streets run the rong way and the rest of the streets seem to 
snake around because they conform to the river.

-Michael Watson

At 01:19 PM 11/12/2005, you wrote:

>Over a year ago I had picked up a 1929 Da Vinci Gift Set edition in 
>DJ for $10 at the local bookstore--Hyde Brothers.  I go to this 
>place at least once a month because they have high turnover and I 
>can usually find something to make it worth my while.  Since they 
>shelve MLs according to subject, seeing what MLs they have new takes 
>a while--it's a large store.  This morning I went to the store,  but 
>decided to skip the usual literature and philosophy sections, and 
>went through military, history, psychology, etc.  In the Art section 
>I was astounded to find a gift set edition of Cellini--obviously a 
>companion piece to the DaVinci one of a year ago.  Since my mamma 
>didn't raise a dummy, I decided to hunt for the third of the 
>trio.  After about ten minutes I found the Michelangelo perched on 
>top of some oversized art books.  I'm astounded that the two I found 
>this morning stayed on the shelf for a whole year!  All three DJs 
>have very little chipping and bright front and back panels, but all 
>three have badly darkened spines.  Still, not bad for $30!!
>John Peterson

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