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> Over a year ago I had picked up a 1929 Da Vinci Gift Set edition in  
> DJ for $10 at the local bookstore--Hyde Brothers.  I go to this  
> place at least once a month because they have high turnover and I  
> can usually find something to make it worth my while.  Since they  
> shelve MLs according to subject, seeing what MLs they have new  
> takes a while--it's a large store.  This morning I went to the  
> store,  but decided to skip the usual literature and philosophy  
> sections, and went through military, history, psychology, etc.  In  
> the Art section I was astounded to find a gift set edition of  
> Cellini--obviously a companion piece to the DaVinci one of a year  
> ago.  Since my mamma didn't raise a dummy, I decided to hunt for  
> the third of the trio.  After about ten minutes I found the  
> Michelangelo perched on top of some oversized art books.  I'm  
> astounded that the two I found this morning stayed on the shelf for  
> a whole year!  All three DJs have very little chipping and bright  
> front and back panels, but all three have badly darkened spines.   
> Still, not bad for $30!!

That's a GREAT find!

Here's a link to a dogeared article about the gift sets:

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