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Fri Nov 11 21:58:00 EST 2005

Aww, shucks.  Twern't nuthin'.  On another subject, how many modlibbers saw this auction this week on ebay (7362373335)?  Very interesting.  Too cool!  Honestly, not much mystery involved, but I wanted your attention.
  PS, Do we have a set in stone ebay policy?  If I'm breaking it, I am sorry.  If we do not have a policy, we should adpot one (like posting only closed auctions), etc.  Thoughts?

modlib at wrote:
  And, not to be forgotten,... nice suggestion Benjamin!

> Benjamin Clark suggested a project whereby authors in the dogeared 
> database were somehow tied to their works in anthologies. Here's an 
> example of a model I've come up with:


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