Lust for Life

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Tue Nov 8 21:20:22 EST 2005

On Nov 8, 2005, at 5:25 PM, GORDON NEAVILL wrote:

> I hadn't seen a first printing of Lust for Life in the
> Blumenthal binding, which was introduced in fall 1939.  The ML
> must not have bound up the entire first printing in the
> balloon cloth binding.  I'd be interested to know if it had
> plain endpapers or the larger Kent endpaper, which began to be
> used in spring 1940; fall 1939 titles had plain endpapers.

Joe indicates blank endpapers and 265 titles on the DJ of his
HC FMLED of Stone.  The DJ, at least, is spring of 1939.

This is an odd title!  Is it fair to say that the balloon
cloth FMLEd Stone is the true first, and the FMLEd HC not?
If you are assessing this based on the insides & DJ, they
are both firsts. If you are assessing this based on the
binding, well, I guess the balloon is the real first.

Did this happen with any other ML title?

Indeed, this is precisely an issue with Everyman's Library books.
They printed up around 10,000 books in each printing, but did
not necessarily bind all of them right away.  Some of the first
printings of slow selling titles might be bound decades after
they were printed, in a binding that was much newer and often
different than the binding used when the first printing was
printed.  So is a first printing (ed) in a later binding still
a first???

John K.

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