Lust for Life

Tue Nov 8 17:25:27 EST 2005

Two of the spring 1939 titles -- Liddell Hart, The War in
Outline and Walton, Compleat Angler -- were published in the
normal balloon cloth format.  The other two spring 1939 titles
-- Lust for Life and Seven Gothic Tales -- were published in
the larger format so that the ML could print from the original
publisher's plates.  Both of these have plain endpapers, since
the Kent endpaper was designed for the smaller 6-1/2 by 4-1/4
inch format.

One of the reasons the ML switched to the larger format in
fall 1939 was that Lewis Miller, the RH sales manager and
others liked the appearance of appearance of Lust for Life and
Seven Gothic Tales so well.

I hadn't seen a first printing of Lust for Life in the
Blumenthal binding, which was introduced in fall 1939.  The ML
must not have bound up the entire first printing in the
balloon cloth binding.  I'd be interested to know if it had
plain endpapers or the larger Kent endpaper, which began to be
used in spring 1940; fall 1939 titles had plain endpapers.


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>     I have seen a copy of Lust for Life with a hardcover binding
>and a Modern Library first edition statement, so they do exist.
>                               Sharon
>On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, J B Krygier wrote:
>> No, not the song by Iggy Pop but Irving Stone's book about
van Gogh  
>> in the ML.
>> I recently found a 1939 1st ML ed.  It is, like the first
of Dinesen's
>> "Seven Gothic Tales," bound in balloon cloth but at the
larger size
>> of the HC format that was first available in 1939.  I put a
>> at Ron's ML collector site (on my collector page, http:// 
>> Question: I recall a comment somewhere that a HC version of
the 1939  
>> FMLEd
>> of "Lust for Life" does exist, I guess indicating that some
of the  
>> FMLEds
>> were bound in HC.  I passed this info along to Ron (and it
is in one  
>> of the
>> trivia questions) but I am not sure it is actually true.
>> Help?!
>> John K.
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