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Here's a note on the topic from Dogeared's Stone page:

Notes on Stone's Lust for Life:

The first edition of Stone's Lust for Life is in the general style of  
the flexible balloon cloth (#7) binding, but in the larger size of  
the later hardcover Blumenthal (#8) binding. The endpapers are blank,  
even though "Endpapers designed by Rockwell Kent" is noted on the  
reverse of the title page.

There's at least one report of this title with the correct first  
edition jacket in both the oversized flex format and the hard cover  
Blumenthal format.

On Nov 8, 2005, at 1:25 PM, J B Krygier wrote:

> No, not the song by Iggy Pop but Irving Stone's book about van Gogh  
> in the ML.
> I recently found a 1939 1st ML ed.  It is, like the first of Dinesen's
> "Seven Gothic Tales," bound in balloon cloth but at the larger size
> of the HC format that was first available in 1939.  I put a picture
> at Ron's ML collector site (on my collector page, http:// 
> Question: I recall a comment somewhere that a HC version of the  
> 1939 FMLEd
> of "Lust for Life" does exist, I guess indicating that some of the  
> FMLEds
> were bound in HC.  I passed this info along to Ron (and it is in  
> one of the
> trivia questions) but I am not sure it is actually true.
> Help?!
> John K.

Scot Kamins

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