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Hi Ron,

Nice summation.  I just got home from work and was pleased to see you had 
put this together and gotten it out to everyone.  Thanks.

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> To anyone who cares about P10(a) and (b):
> After comparing notes with Trevor, it looks like the major differences are 
> Title and Intro.
> The title changed, but was not reflected on the front cover.  In fact 
> there was no change on the front cover at all.  The intro author changed, 
> and this is indicated in the Dating Key.  Thus the page numbers moved 
> around a bit.
> In Conclusion (my opinions):
> - It looks like the title change (adding "Other Writings") took place at 
> the same time as the regular copy (100) ~1958.
> - Unlike P6(a) and (b), I don't consider these as separately collectable 
> (although others may disagree due to the change in intro)
> - I believe the Price Guide should indicate the title change and apply 
> 10.2 to it, and provide the same price code.
> ron

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