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modlib at alltel.net modlib at alltel.net
Mon Nov 7 14:42:56 EST 2005

To anyone who cares about P10(a) and (b):

After comparing notes with Trevor, it looks like the major differences are Title and Intro.

The title changed, but was not reflected on the front cover.  In fact there was no change on the front cover at all.  The intro author changed, and this is indicated in the Dating Key.  Thus the page numbers moved around a bit.

In Conclusion (my opinions):
- It looks like the title change (adding "Other Writings") took place at the same time as the regular copy (100) ~1958.

- Unlike P6(a) and (b), I don't consider these as separately collectable (although others may disagree due to the change in intro)

- I believe the Price Guide should indicate the title change and apply 10.2 to it, and provide the same price code.


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