ML "Minor Authors" & Major Authors Cross-References (was Re: ML living authors)

modlib at modlib at
Sun Nov 6 21:55:21 EST 2005

> Project One: A "Minor Authors" section or page where we list each  
> author who's part of an ML anthology but who doesn't have his/her own  
> complete book. What would this look like?

Good idea.  I like the single page.  Although you may need to see the amount of data to determine what would look best.

> Project Two: On major author pages, cross-reference author inclusions  
> in any MISC anthologies.
> Bill DiBenedetto, Guardian of the Conrad page, had me do that for  
> Heart of Darkness. Check it out:

I especially like this project.  It really completes the author pages.

What is the best way to divy up the work?


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