Diary of Pepys ML Ephemera

GORDON NEAVILL aa3401 at wayne.edu
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This is clipped from the front panel of a Boni & Liveright
jacket, 1921-25.  

Curiously, it omits the first two sentences of the jacket
description: "THIS is the first selection from the famous
Diary of Samuel Pepys to appear at a cost which enables the
average reader to sit down and enjoy the inspired chatter of
the Diary. And what a remarkable editorial job Richard Le
Gallienne, long a student of the Diary, has done!" 

The same description was used on the front panel of early ML,
Inc., jackets, but as far as I know those weren't on blue paper.


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>   I can't be sure, but it appears to be cut out of the
>   front panel of a typographical DJ, rather a catalog.
>   Pete 
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>   Mod Libbers,
>       Well, I found a BL type 2 binding Diary of Pepys
>   at a local thrift (paid $1) and glued inside are
>   several newspaper clippings related to Pepys,
>   illustrations, etc., a nice bookplate.  Also, is a
>   piece of blue paper talking about Pepys Diary and
>   the ML.  Sounds like a dj blurb.  It is only printed
>   on one side and measures approx. 3.5" x 2.25".  The
>   scan is spot on for color, light blue paper with
>   dark blue text.  What is this from?  Part of the
>   elusive "b" dj for this title?  An entry on this
>   title from a catalog? 
>   benj clark
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