ML "Minor Authors" & Major Authors Cross-References (was Re: ML living authors)

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Nov 6 00:15:17 EST 2005

OK. So it sounds like Benjamin is suggesting two things here:

On Nov 5, 2005, at 6:26 PM, Cottonwood Books wrote:

>      We don't have a complete list of authors who are only included  
> in multiple author Anthologies (like Max Brand).

Project One: A "Minor Authors" section or page where we list each  
author who's part of an ML anthology but who doesn't have his/her own  
complete book. What would this look like?

>   Another good project would be to list all the authors who fall  
> under this category, and perhaps reflect on the author pages when  
> they are included in an anthology (like Hemingway).

Project Two: On major author pages, cross-reference author inclusions  
in any MISC anthologies.

Bill DiBenedetto, Guardian of the Conrad page, had me do that for  
Heart of Darkness. Check it out:
(srcroll down to Three Great Tales)

Well, these are interesting project ideas, I must say. I like them  
both. (It also gives me incentive to work on the structure of the  
MISC pages which I've been avoiding; I've already restructured the  
code for most of the other pages in the database so that they look  
pretty much the same across all major browsers and all major  
operating systems.)

It calls for having a complete set of tables of contents for all the  
anthologies in all the MISC sections:

Short Stories
Social Sciences
Unclassified Literature (mostly)

Many ToCs have been done already (especially most of the Short  
Stories, Plays and Novels), but the other categories need help.

Tell you what: Let's do them. But you folks need to supply the ToCs  
to me.

Scot Kamins
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