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On Nov 5, 2005, at 6:26 PM, Cottonwood Books wrote:

>       As near as I can tell, these are all the living authors with  
> whole books in the ML.  On the list, I couldn't find much on Mr.  
> Beveridge, except his whole name and birth date.  If living, he  
> would be terribly old.  The other William Beveridge prevents good  
> internet searching.  Please let me know if anyone of these people  
> do not belong on this list.

> W.I.B. Beveridge b.1908 (?)
>     [William Ian Beardmore]
> Robert Buchheim
> Jane Jacobs
> Thomas Pynchon
> Philip Roth
> J.D. Salinger
> Budd Schulberg
> Muriel Spark
> William Styron
> John Updike
> Gore Vidal, but ready to go when ever( 
> 2005/03/22/gore_vidals_preobituary.php)

I think this list would be a good candidate for a feature at  
Amenities. Ron, what do you think?

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