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Mod Libbers,
      As near as I can tell, these are all the living authors with whole books in the ML.  On the list, I couldn't find much on Mr. Beveridge, except his whole name and birth date.  If living, he would be terribly old.  The other William Beveridge prevents good internet searching.  Please let me know if anyone of these people do not belong on this list.  
     We don't have a complete list of authors who are only included in multiple author Anthologies (like Max Brand).  Another good project would be to list all the authors who fall under this category, and perhaps reflect on the author pages when they are included in an anthology (like Hemingway).  This would be helpful if you collect Max Brand, you can find his work in the ML, or if one wanted to complete a set of Hemingway in ML, you'd need to know he's included in Modern Short Stories, etc.  Just an idea.  
benjamin l clark
W.I.B. Beveridge b.1908 (?)
    [William Ian Beardmore] 
Robert Buchheim
Jane Jacobs 
Thomas Pynchon
Philip Roth
J.D. Salinger
Budd Schulberg 
Muriel Spark
William Styron
John Updike
Gore Vidal, but ready to go when ever(

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