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Sat Nov 5 06:16:22 EST 2005

" I had been thinking about someone else's suggestion to write to ML
authors that are still living and ask them about the experience of
being associated/ published/ etc. by the ML.  Has anyone put together a
list of ML writers still living?"

Yes, that was my suggestion. And I am very curious how many ML authors
are still living. Why not compile a list?

"Salinger is still alive. But that would be a fool's errand."

Many years ago, in college, an associate wrote a letter to some Baron de
Rothchild in Europe about a business idea he had. Imagine our surprise
when he responded with a 6 page handwritten letter, complete with
people he should contact in the United States. One just has to write a
message which is as interesting to the recipient as it is to the

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