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Well, I don't collect Viking Portables, but I know some here do.  I was reading The Portable Thomas Wolfe just now, reading about his experience with writing and publishing Look Homeward Angel.  
"Up to this time I had been a young man who wanted to be a writer more than anything on earth and who had created his first book in the great blaze of illusion which a young writer must feel when he has no evidence except his hope to drive him on... It continued to sell over a period of four or five years in the publisher's edition, and later in a cheaper edition, the Modern Library, it renewed its life and began to sell again"
Not exactly an epiphany, but it just happened to cross my path.  I had been thinking about someone else's suggestion to write to ML authors that are still living and ask them about the experience of being associated/ published/ etc. by the ML.  Has anyone put together a list of ML writers still living?  
benjamin l clark

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