modern library finds in chicago?

Tue Nov 1 21:48:01 EST 2005

I was in Chicago two days ago and both Powell's and O'Gara 
and Wilson are still there, though they don't have 
significant ML stocks.  I'm not familiar with the Clark and 
Belmont shops -- I'll check them out on my next visit.  


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>>  I'm going to Chicago this weekend for a conference and 
wanted to know 
>> if anyone has any favorite (or favorable) downtown-area 
>> haunts. 
>I was there a few years back and the downtown stores were
>all gone!  What I did was take a cab from downtown to
>Clark and Belmont (north of downtown; maybe $10 fare) to
>a handful of stores.  This is a cool area with lots of
>other interesting stores.  Several of the bookstores had
>decent MLs.  The stores I recall in this area were
>Selected Works: 3510 North Broadway (I recall it being tidy)
>Bookleggers: 2935 North Broadway
>Bookman's Corner: 2959 North Clark
>Bookworks: 3444 North Clark
>The alternative is to head south to the big old Powells near
>the Univ. of Chicago.  i do recall them having some MLs, and
>a large section of  more scholarly books.  across the street
>and down a bit is O'Gara and Wilson, a smaller but nice 
>with older stock.  think i even saw a few flex w/DJ there.
>do check that these places are still at these addresses, or
>still open.
>john k.
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