Does ANYBODY collect Modern Library College Editions?

Scot Kamins kamins at
Tue Nov 1 14:52:42 EST 2005


  You folks have been great for the hobby. A lot of folks don't know  
that you folks published one of the first catalogs of ML titles many  
years ago. It was a pleasure meeting you both back in 1999 at the ML  

Best of health to you and to Dave.

- Scot

On Nov 1, 2005, at 11:36 AM, dmenkin119 at wrote:

> Dear Scot,
> My husband, Dave, an avid m.l. collector has Parkinson's and is not  
> able to continue with the collection for the time being.  Our e- 
> mail is loaded daily with many lovely stories about m.l.'s and I  
> wish I had the time to devote to this, but I don't.
> It is with regret that I ask you to take us off of your mailing  
> list and perhaps ask other to do so as well.  We simply can't keep up.
> Thank you so much and very good wishes for m.l. hunting.  By the  
> way, Dave just had his 90th birthday.
> Eva Menkin

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