Ethics and eBay Book Buying

rchrist5 at rchrist5 at
Sun May 29 19:56:29 EDT 2005

I suppose what we must say about eBay is this: it is for amateurs–– 
both sellers and buyers both. It is a garage sale and we probably  
shouldn't expect too much in the way of expertise from a seller––with  
some notable exceptions––or from a buyer.

I shared the dilemma about the Quixote Illustrated because it  
happened to me in a local bookstore. It had an $8 dollar price. I  
know the seller well, and he has treated me to hours of great  
conversation and excellent coffee. I told him what it was worth, and  
he wouldn't accept more than $20. Of course, I have spent many times  
that in his store, but, he also bought me––I am a loyal customer who  
makes his store my number one place of purchase, and I have  
recommended his store to at least 50 people who are avid book buyers.

Thanks for the discussion! And thank you Scot, again, for all the  
work you do.

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