Ethics and eBay Book Buying

Bill DiBenedetto billdi at
Sun May 29 14:16:08 EDT 2005

> Here's a question, though, with regard to your above story––but with
> a twist: A seller is selling a Don Quixote illustrated (in perfect
> condition) with a $15 BUY IT NOW. ...what do you do as a
> knowledgeable ML collector/buyer/seller. Do you let them know it is
> worth considerably more? Do you offer the same "conscience" to a
> seller––who, most on eBay are not professionals...Just a thought.

Thanks, for a most interesting and thought-provoking discussion and the
sharing of your wisdom; it is invaluable, especially for a new collector. Is
there a way that this thread can be linked or archived in Dogeared for
future reference and for future members to peruse?

For me, the ethics thoughts underscore the difficulty of trying to apply
ethical standards to any marketplace, but especially the huge "yard sale"
that is eBay. It's not only a case of 'let the buyer beware,' it is also
'let the seller beware.'

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