Ethics and eBay Book Buying

rchrist5 at rchrist5 at
Sun May 29 13:33:45 EDT 2005

I think I'll choose door number 1 with the Tiger....

Interesting ethical dilemma. What I might do is contact the seller,  
let "hir" know that the book in question is not quite so valuable as  
it is described. If the seller doesn't respond  either to me or with  
a quick addendum to the auction, then, I would have no compunction  
about telling the buyer.

Even contacting the buyer AFTER the sale is acceptable, I think. If  
the seller is honest and reasonable, then "s/he" would certainly  
offer a refund. And hopefully an apology.

Here's a question, though, with regard to your above story––but with  
a twist: A seller is selling a Don Quixote illustrated (in perfect  
condition) with a $15 BUY IT NOW. ...what do you do as a  
knowledgeable ML collector/buyer/seller. Do you let them know it is  
worth considerably more? Do you offer the same "conscience" to a  
seller––who, most on eBay are not professionals...Just a thought.


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