New "Dealing with eBay" FAQs are up

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun May 29 11:51:40 EDT 2005


Your comments could form their own FAQ: "Is eBay a good place to buy  

Having said that...:
> Re: "If I see an error in an eBay Modern Library book listing,
> should I notify the seller?"
> That section is fine, but it is important to note that
> you should NEVER contact a bidder regarding a potentially
> misleading auction they (he? she? heshe? shehe?) are bidding
> on - auction interference on eBay may get your account
> suspended.

You raise an interesting point here, which I'll start as a separate  
thread: Ethics and eBay Book Buying." Watch for it on a mail server  
near you!
> I do find the overall tone of the FAQ somewhat curious -
> not really taking into account that eBay is a global,
> chaotic yard sale - and that is OK!
> These are not professional book dealers for the most part,
> and any auction you win might end up being a disappointment,
> and if it does, it is probably not because the seller is a
> fraud and evil.

I'll emphasize these excellent points in the relevant FAQs. Thanks  
for bringing them up.

>  I have acquired hundreds of titles
> for well below what they should have sold for - primarily
> because of the lack of knowledge of the sellers and poor
> descriptions.

So you role the dice a lot? Are there factors you see in the listing  
that leads you to believe that you've found a bibliophilic diamond in  
the rough?

- Scot Kamins

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