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> Re:
> Whenever possible, pay using a credit card (or the credit card option 
> within
> PayPal).

Scot --

I agree with this for the most part, but have some additional thoughts.
    For some people it's not possible or desirable to use cc's. As a 
and personal, rule I feel very uncomfortable giving out credit card
information and I try to keep that to a minimum. (In fact I don't use 
much at all anymore for a variety of reasons we need not get into, 
for a gas card and one card I have kept active for emergencies.) I also
don't like to pay by credit card for small transactions totalling less 
$20.00, and if I were a seller I would not like that too much either 
of the cc transaction fees, (unless I was a high-volume seller, I 
For small deals I always prefer paying by personal check -- and for the
larger buys I might consider PayPal after a thorough evaluation of the
seller's feedback scores.

Thanks, Scot for the work on this -- it's right on the mark and should 
required reading for anyone that uses eBay.

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206-963-0499 (personal)

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