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Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Fri May 27 14:58:01 EDT 2005


Based on the discussion we had earlier in the week I'm working a set  
of FAQs dealing with buying and selling on eBay. I have ten titles  
I'm working on (although one or two of these may be tossed out). Here  
are the titles:

Is eBay a good place to buy Modern Library books?
Is eBay a good place to sell ML books that I no longer want?
What's a good way to search for Modern Library titles on eBay?
How reliable are the Modern Library listings on eBay?
How can I be sure I'll get what I expect?
What should a complete ML book description include?
Should I bid on books that have no photos showing their condition?
Are there Modern Library sellers on eBay who are consistently reliable?
What sellers on eBay should I avoid?
Should I notify the seller if I see an error in a book listing?

As soon as I get the first pass done, I'll post them to Dogeared with  
a link for you to follow so that you can comment.


Scot Kamins
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