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Hi Scot,

1) The problem is that 347.1 could have had a second printing in, say, 1967.  That copy would also have no DJ# and #11 binding.  So, the table entry would not help in that case.  At the very least, it also needs the date of the first printing.  But as we have seen, a second printing in the mid to late 60's could have the same book list.  Thus, only a binding or DJ style change would indicate a later printing.  Does 347.1 have a later printing that will distinguish it from the first (i.e. different binding)?  Henry's guide seems to indicate there is.

So, what I had was a No #DJ, binding #11, with a Fall 1964 list and no First Indicator.  The guide matches all those as a first, except I don't know if there is a book with a Spring 1964, or even Spring/Fall 1963 book list that is the true first printing.  The table on Dogeared is useful in alerting me that the first is not marked as such.

2)  When I said "link" I didn't mean hyperlink; I meant a logical link by virtue of indicating, for example, "Fall 1964 book list" in the table.  One would then need to go to the dating key.  Or perhaps the table would say that all printings had the same book list, and the only indicator is a binding change.  Or a DJ change (l to n, for example).

3) So, is 388.1 considered an unmarked first?  Or can it only be an unmarked first if there is a second printing?


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> > Thanks for that info.  The two that I had indicated as ones that  
> > had later printings are there, but the table does not provide any  
> > more info than the guide.  With 311.1, it is obviously a first.   
> > But not so with 347.1; there is no DJ number.
> That's an indicator of a first- the fact that there's no number.  
> here's the entry from my table:
> 347.1       Tolstoy    Selected Essays     [binding #]  11
> [no #]
> >
> > Perhaps that table can have a link to the Dating Key for titles  
> > that do not have a DJ number.  For example, with 347.1 you need a  
> > Spring (or Fall) 1964 list in the back of the book.
> You mean beyond the link to the dating key that's already there?
> " For additional confirmation, if the book and/or dust jacket has the  
> catalog of current listings, use the table in Barry Neavill's Dating  
> Key."
> (Dating Key is a hypertext link to Barry's article)
> >
> > Also, the other two don't say 'First', but they only had one  
> > printing (I think).  Even so, should they be in the table as an  
> > exception?  (i.e. first not mentioned, but all are FE?)
> Well, the table is for unmarked firsts specifically. But perhaps  
> there needs to be Book Notes associated with the individual titles on  
> the Author pages...
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> > ron
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