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Lord Jim is not my favorite Conrad but I would not call it terrible. Far
from it. It is probably his most well-known because of the movie with Peter
O'Toole.  My opinion: Heart of Darkness, a novella, is his best, followed by
Nostromo and Victory.

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> Just finished Best Stories; Maupassant.
> Currently reading Pickwick Papers and Maltese Falcon.  I don't have much
time to read so I try to keep two or three active and stashed around the
house for when there is a break from the family activities.
> This is my first time through these classics, as I build my ML collection.
With a math/science/engineering major I never read much lit.  I have been
pleasently surprised at how much I have been enjoying these.  (Except Lord
Jim.  In my opinion, TERRIBLE.  It's one of the few things my wife agrees
with me on; she read it in high school)
> ron

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