Question on Firsts/Dating Key

modlib at modlib at
Mon May 23 21:07:47 EDT 2005

I picked up a dozen mostly later edition titles recently and had some questions about the first edition marks and the printing dates.

1) Did the later first editions not specify first?  I picked up:

- 388.1; all are firsts, right?  It only says Modern Library Edition, February 1969

- 311.1; 415 on DJ, list in book matches DJ, type 8 binding.  No mention of first.  This one, I believe, is.

- 90.3; all are firsts, right?  List of titles in book match 1967.  No mention of first.

- 347.1; List in back indicates Fall 1964 printing.  No mention of first; but it might not be.

311.1 and 347.1 are the only ones that have later printings according to the guide.  But none of the 4 indicate first.  Any comments?

2) Is the dating key not as accurate in these later editions, due to outdated book lists from the publisher?  I noticed something odd with the titles in a 365.1 FE a month or two ago.  Now I see that 388.1, which has a 1969 FE date (and is marked as such in the book i.e 1969) has a book list indicating a Spring 1967 printing (has Faulkner, As I Lay Dying; does not have Faulkner, Pylon... nor Forster, Collected Tales).

I have only noticed this problem from the mid to late 60's.


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