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> Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 12:50:29 EDT
> Subject: Re: Quick FAQ for eBay ML Sellers?
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> I agree with what Sharon says.
> However, the secret of being able to return a book if you don't like 
> it is to
> pay via credit card or Paypal. You can always canc/el a credit card 
> payment
> and there is a resolution center on Paypal. DON'T PAY BY CHECK OR 
> Frankly I find there is no logic to any of this buying books online. 
> When I
> look for my own books on ebay or alibris they sometimes appear and 
> sometimes
> don't. Though I have complained it makes no difference. I find the 
> whole
> business a pure lottery.
> On Thursday I went to an Auction. There was a lot of Gorey material (I
> specialize in Gorey) and there was one lot of 21 Gorey items, estimate 
> $400 - $700.
> I estimated that the full retail value of the lot was about $450.00 
> and that's
> stretching it. Many of the items were recent reprints or remainders. 
> The lot
> sold for $862.50 with commission!
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