OT: Interesting article about Penguin paperbacks

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> http://babyurl.com/x5Pq5o>http://babyurl.com/x5Pq5o
> This is what I found going to the above site.

Yes, those lying, imperialistic dogs have lied to you again. They have told 
you that would would find /x5Pq5o>http://babyurl.com/x5Pq5o here but we do not 
have such a file. That file is not even within 100 miles of this website. That 
file is committing suicide because it has been shamed and Allah will roast 
its stomach in hell. 

Look around. Do you see the file they claimed was here? No! But we will be 
sending so many files to them that their weak and stupid browsers will scream 
for our mercy. And we will show those browsers no mercy whatsoever. We will show 
no mercy because those browsers who sent you looking for the file deserve no 




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