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> Subject: RE: Quick FAQ for eBay ML Sellers?
> Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 11:02:20 -0700
> I think it'd be a great idea, but I'm not in the same league as you 
> guys.
> All I want is copies of all the ML in reasonable shape but not pay a 
> zillion
> dollars for them. Probably what I'm looking for is what collectors 
> would
> call 'reading copies'. I do look on eBay and then fall out of my chair
> laughing or gasping, depending on the book. For me, it is the words 
> first,
> and then the format, and I though I really, really like the ML format 
> there
> is no way at all that I would ever pay over $20 for a book that is 
> available
> in a different format for much less.
> That's why though I love my collections, such as ML, and Dell 
> Yearlings, and
> Pocket Library, it is reading them that counts first (and maybe 
> rereading
> them on cold days when I need some comfort in the case of the Dell
> Yearlings), and then finding them cheaply that counts second. If I 
> were a
> Barenaked Lady and had a Million Dollars, I wouldn't run out to ABE or 
> eBay
> and fill in all my gaps, there is no fun in that. I would, though, 
> spend up
> to my $10 or $12 limit on MLs that my local bookstore has and that I 
> think
> is too high. I like finding them for 25 cents at the SallyAnn like I 
> did my
> second Boni & Liveright (sorry about the spelling if it's not right 
> but it's
> only my second one!).
> Jo
> Jo-Anne McBride
> Administrative Assistant
> Victory Hill Provincial Services For Deaf and Hard of Hearing
> Burnaby, BC V5J 1R2

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