Follow-up: 1st/2nd catalog first printing DJs

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sat May 14 02:51:32 EDT 2005


Joe Hill sent me some images that I used to reconstruct the front  
panel of Butler's way of All Flesh 1st printing dust jacket (July,  

The interesting thing about the front panel is how far out of  
alignment the drop-cap ¶  is!

Also of note, Joe sent me a portion of the image of the back panel  
which ALSO shows the drop-cap  ¶  symbol. Does anyone have a fully  
intact 1st/2nd catalog first printing DJ that you can scan and send  
me, showing both the front and back panels? Also, does anyone know if  
this front & back panel redundancy appeard in all 1st/2nd catalog  
first printings?

- Scot Kamins

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