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Fri May 13 08:43:19 EDT 2005

First, a clear definition of what is being measured is needed. Like
"primarily a scale of scarcity for 1st edition books with matching
jackets in good or better condition", or such.    

Seems the whole process is going to be driven, or boiled down in essence
to the number of listings on ABE and eBay in a given time period. Yes,
there are minor distortions in this, but that is what it will become in
essence. That seems to be the measure used in disproving previous

Ideally, one would have published numbers, which would have to be
converted to surviving numbers, and the best/simplest approximation of
this is market numbers. 

Would be interesting to see how a scarcity scale built on eBay would
differ from a scarcity scale built on ABE.

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