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Thu May 12 16:30:22 EDT 2005

Two items:

1. Perhaps Henry Toledano has scarcity info that isn't in the book.

2. What "new guide?"

-Michael Watson

At 12:21 PM 5/12/2005, Scot Kamins wrote:

>On May 12, 2005, at 7:29 AM, <modlib at> wrote:
>>So, it seems like you are proposing mapping Toledano A-Z into Kamins 
>>R1-R5.  Something like:
>>R1 = A-G;
>>R2 = H-J;
>>R3 = K-M;
>>R4 = N-Q;
>>R5 = R-Z
>>Then, the effort would be to find the ones whose price does not match the 
>>rarity.  For example, a "Toledano-H" title that has high demand to drive 
>>the price, but a high enough supply to warrant a "Kamins-R1".
>First, don't call it a "Kamins-R1." We can call it a "Dogeared-R1" [or 
>DR-1]   if you like. :-)
>But to the issue:I hadn't thought of mapping to the Guide, but now that 
>you suggest it I think it would be a great place to start. I'm interested 
>in rarity as opposed to price.
>(The new Guide will deal with bringing prices up to date, I imagine.)
>Scot Kamins
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