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Yeah, well!  I have a ratty old copy of The Sun Also Rises, with the Central 
Pacific Base Command Library stamped on the edge of the lower pages.  Imagine 
having a book that one of our men in WW2 read while fighting for our liberty.  
The inside stamp is the
19th Infantry Regiment, 24th or 34th Infantry Division.  If it wasn't for the 
historical aspect, kind of like Washington ate here, it would barely qualify 
as a reading copy.  However, the pages are intact as is the spine tho a bit 
loose, there is no dustjacket.  It is a type 8, which, since it has Regiment 
markings, is early 40's.  I have refrained from selling this book because of its 
historical quality, but it doesn't fit the parameters for the quality of my ML 
library, so who knows someone who could use this book for its esthetic value, 
and would pay for postage?  maybe your dad read the book.  I got the greatest 
thrill walking across the church yard at St Mere' Englis.
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