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The Philosophy of Nietzsche (G34) was published in April 
1937.  It combined 4 titles from the regular Modern Library: 
Thus Spake Zarathustra (1917), Beyond Good and Evil (1917), 
The Genealogy of Morals (1918), and Ecce Homo & The Birth of 
Tragedy (1927).  It was originally printed from the plates 
of the 4 regular ML volumes and had four separate sequences 
of pagination.  The book was reset in 1945 with a single 
sequence of pagination.  The 1927 copyright date is for 
Clifton Fadiman's translations of Ecce Homo and The Birth of 
Tragedy, which were done for the ML and first published that 
year.  The copyright statement wasn't included in earlier 
printings -- the earliest I've seen with the copyright 
statement dates from 1949, based on the list of titles 
inside the jacket.  Later printings give the copyright date 
as 1927, 1954; 1954 is the date when the copyright was 

Fadiman was recommended by Irwin Edman of Columbia 
University.  He was then one of Edman's graduate students;  
I think the Nietzche translation was his first book.  Cerf 
and Klopfer originally tried to get rights to the 
translation of Ecce Homo published in the U.S. by 
Macmillan.  Macmillan imported the volume from their parent 
firm in London and had to get permission from the London 
office.  After waiting four months without a reply, Cerf and 
Klopfer decided to commission their own translation.


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>On May 7, 2005, at 11:58 AM, benjamin saddoris wrote:
>> I'm currently writing a study of Nietzsche's American 
reception and am 
>> hoping you can help me with a question regarding Modern 
Library's The 
>> Philosophy of Nietzsche (G34).  The copy I have lists the 
>> copyright as 1927, yet I have seen some others list 1937 
as the first 
>> year of publication.  The dating key on your website also 
seems to 
>> suggest that 1937 would be accurate.  I'm hoping you can 
tell me for 
>> certain which is the proper date of original 
publication.  I'm 
>> concerned that Modern Library may have used 1927 as a 
copyright since 
>> Clifton Fadiman's translations of The Birth of Tragedy 
and Ecce Homo 
>> came out that year, yet the other three translations in 
the volume 
>> predate those editions so I'm not sure why 1927 would be 
used unless 
>> that was the actual original date of publication for the 
Philosophy of 
>> Nietzsche.  Do you happen to know for certain whether the 
>> date of publication would be 1927 or 1937? 
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