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Hi Ben,

I'm forwarding your question to the Modern Library ListServ. A number 
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On May 7, 2005, at 11:58 AM, benjamin saddoris wrote:

> I'm currently writing a study of Nietzsche's American reception and am 
> hoping you can help me with a question regarding Modern Library's The 
> Philosophy of Nietzsche (G34).  The copy I have lists the volume's 
> copyright as 1927, yet I have seen some others list 1937 as the first 
> year of publication.  The dating key on your website also seems to 
> suggest that 1937 would be accurate.  I'm hoping you can tell me for 
> certain which is the proper date of original publication.  I'm 
> concerned that Modern Library may have used 1927 as a copyright since 
> Clifton Fadiman's translations of The Birth of Tragedy and Ecce Homo 
> came out that year, yet the other three translations in the volume 
> predate those editions so I'm not sure why 1927 would be used unless 
> that was the actual original date of publication for the Philosophy of 
> Nietzsche.  Do you happen to know for certain whether the original 
> date of publication would be 1927 or 1937? 
> Sincerely,
> Ben Saddoris
> Drew University
bsaddori at

Scot Kamins

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