John jwol at fast.net
Mon May 2 20:34:07 EDT 2005

I just acquired a buckram copy of 138.1 Merjekowski's Romance of
Leonardo Da Vinci.  The list at the end of the book contains all 1928 ML
releases, but no 1929 releases.

As I catalogued the book, I noticed what appeared to be stitching along
the top of the spine.  Is this the reinforcing strip described in
Scott's site on buckrams?

Picking up my copy of the hard cover Wilson's Addresses, 55.1, dating to
1924, I noticed the same "stitching" along the top of the spine.  This
and a few other hardcover releases dating to this time were discussed in
a thread in mid-February.

Could this have been an early experiment for a library quality edition?

John Wolansky

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