Dating Key Conundrum: Fall 1944 Issue?

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Sat Mar 26 18:49:02 EST 2005

ModLib Group,

While we finish researching Man's Fate, I have something new to inquire about.  I have a copy of 145.1 that I was checking the date on, using the official Dating Key.  The DJ has 303 titles, has Parker:Poetry, does not have Henry:Stories, but DOES have G66:Three Famous Murder Novels.  The "Regular" list indicates Fall 1944.  The "Giant" list indicates Spring 1945 (G66 not in Fall 1944, is in Spring 1945).  The book inside the DJ only had a Regular list which also indicated Fall 1944 according to the Regular Dating Key.

So, the question is how could the Fall 1944 list have a Spring 1945 title?  I could only find one other Fall 1944 book in my collection (still a rather small collection yet).  It is 81.3.  The DJ is Spring 1944 (299 Titles, Dating Key matches), and the book contains a regular and giant list.  The lists match the 145.1 noted above: a Fall 1944 Regular list with G66 included.

The Dating Key says there were no new titles in Fall 1944.  Could G66 have been released then?  Or was it planned, but delayed until spring... but the Dating Key needs to account for it in the previous season list?

Anyone else see the same thing?



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