Another ML Bookcase found

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Mar 21 11:00:21 EST 2005

At 10:34 AM -0500 3/21/05, 20 Ants wrote:
>The case and all the books are worth about $20.00, top dollar. They 
>can be shipped directly to me and I'll be happy to foot the bill for 
>packing and shipping. It's doing her a favor, really, as she'd only 
>get about $10.00 tops on eBay.
>-Michael "doing her a big favor" Watson
>>This new one is the second picture.

HA!  Good one. :-D

I wonder if the top section (the sign/lighted portion) is detachable? 
I suspect that's where the real value is, and also would make it 
easier to sell and to ship.

Scot Kamins

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