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Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Mar 10 13:54:06 EST 2005

Hi Bette-Lee,

Thanks for the kind offer. I'll post it to the Modern Library 
ListServ for you and have interested folks contact you directly.

- Scot

At 11:27 AM -0700 3/10/05, Fox, Bette-Lee  (RBI-US) wrote:
Hi, Scott,

Found your web site. I have seven copies of Modern Library titles, 
from the late 1940s to the late 1960s. I just want to find them a 
home. How do I go about doing that?? I have no idea if they are worth 
anything at all. I just don't want to put them in recycling. And I 
would rather someone who collects had them vs. just bringing them to 
a used book store in New York (which was suggested to me). I'm sure I 
bought them when I was in college or shortly thereafter. They haven't 
been read, I'm afraid. So condition is pretty darn good. All have 
dust jackets. Some might have markings on the flyleaf from the store 
where they were originally purchased.

I can photocopy the copyright pages and fax them to you if that will 
make a difference. The titles are:
Irwin Shaw's The Young Lions, copyright 1948, LC 58-6365

The Best Stories of Guy de Maupassant. Copyright 1945

Marcel Proust's The Past Recaptured. Complete and Unabridged in One 
Volume. Copyright 1932, renewed 1959

Leo Tolstoy. Short Novels. Copyright 1965. LC 65-12448

Franz Kafka. The Trial. Definitive Edition. Copyright renewed 1964

The Education of Henry Adams. Copyright 1918; copyright Charles 
Francis Adams, 1946; copyright Modern Library 1931

Franz Kafka. The Castle. Definitive Edition. Modern Library Edition, 1969

That's it; I'll ship, too.

Please advise. And thank you,


Bette-Lee Fox
Library Journal
360 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010
646-746-6802; FAX 646-746-6734 at

  Scot Kamins, FCB-0

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