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Rob, the gatsbys I have seen on ebay command a hefty price.  go to abe.books and type gatsby and modern library into search and you will see one of the reason, as well as some variety.  I place my investsments in companies which make money and so will not be subject to the whims and fancies of auctions, tho I have done a considerable amount on ebay and my ml collection contains over 800 books, I am more reader/collector than otherwise.  I do have a copy of gatsby which I purchased for $5, and the funny things is that it has the same words as the  
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Was the Gatsby a record? I've only been collecting about 3 years, but it's the most expensive ML item I've seen. 
I'm also curious if the top few bidders were ML or Fitzgerald collectors. I assume that $700 is a relatively inexpensive acquisition for the latter. I wonder how much the bidding was influenced by this perspective. 
Rob Perrilleon 
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