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Check out this copy for sale at 


Is this one not stamped Discontinued?


>>> aa3401 at wayne.edu 03/04/05 11:03 PM >>>
I sent this seller a polite and informative e-mail about the 
Gatsby jackets and explained why his jacket dated from fall 
1939 and not 1934.  He didn't reply and has apparently 
chosen to disregard the information.

It's the only 1939 Gatsby jacket I've encountered that ISN'T 
stamped "DISCONTINUED TITLE."  Does anyone else have an 
unstamped 268 jacket?


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>I have seen some lame statements in the past 8-10 years on 
ebay, but this one has to take the cake. You might ask the 
guy selling the lot how one DJ showing only 1934 titles 
dates from the exact same time as a DJ showing 1939 titles, 
or how ML knew which titles it would have for sale during 
1939 five years prior to that time. I knew Cerf and Klopfer 
were smart, but, according to this seller, they could have 
given Einstein a run for his money. That being said, it 
seems this is a decent copy of this rare title with a later 
DJ. However, anyone bidding on this lot should ask the 
seller pointed questions on the condition of the jacket- 
tape on back, etc.?
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>>> Does this answer make sense to anyone on the list?
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>>> Hello and thank you very much for your inquiry!
>>> I have received many debatable questions over this dust-
jacket. You are
>>> indeed correct to some extent, but further information 
is required for
>>> the validity of your statement; I have conferred with a 
member from the
>>> F. Scott Fitzgerald library of research, who also wrote 
to me when this
>>> auction was first listed, and the jacket that contains 
225 titles is A
jacket. No
>>> Priority Established, means that there is indeed two 
variants of the
>>> original First Printing dust-jacket! It appears as 
though Modern 
>>> Library
>>> contracted for "X" amount of First Edition copies of 
this title, to be
>>> printed. In the midst of manufacturing all First Edition 
copies, 2
>>> seperate dust-jackets were in fact issued, i.e. 225 
titles & 268 
>>> titles.
>>> For example, William Faulkner's WILD PALMS, has a 
Preferred A, B & C
>>> binding, no priority established. While the A binding is 
more desirable
>>> to collectors, there is no definitive earlier state! 
Another example w
>>> ould be Bernard Malamud's THE NATURAL, which was issued 
in 3 different
>>> colored cloth boards, i.e. Red, Blue, Neautral. While 
the Blue Cloth
>>> copy seems to be the more scarce of the three and the 
Preferred Copy,
>>> there is no one copy earlier than the next, or a 
definitive earlier
>>> state. Look at a book like Mark Twain's LIFE ON THE 
>>> does in fact have earlier states, with definitve issue 
>>> The same theory applies for this Fitzgerald Modern 
Library first
>>> edition. While the 225 title jacket is in fcat a more 
desirable and or
>>> collectible issue, there is no priority as far as date 
is concerned
>>> between the two variant dust-jackets. The later 1939 
copies of this
>>> title which were issued, have the same 268 title dust-
jackets but are
>>> indeed stamped "discontinued title" in red on the front 
of dust-jacket!
>>> I hope I have been able to answer your questions in a 
clear and concise
>>> manner! Please feel free to keep in touch with me if you 
should have 
>>> any
>>> further questions or if I can be of nay further 
asistance to you!
>>> Tahnk You very much and have a great weekend!
>>> Jason
Gordon B. Neavill
Associate Professor
Library and Information Science Program
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48202
aa3401 at wayne.edu 

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