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> Does this answer make sense to anyone on the list?
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> Hello and thank you very much for your inquiry!
> I have received many debatable questions over this dust-jacket. You are
> indeed correct to some extent, but further information is required for
> the validity of your statement; I have conferred with a member from the
> F. Scott Fitzgerald library of research, who also wrote to me when this
> auction was first listed, and the jacket that contains 225 titles is A
> PREFERRED STATE COPY. It is not an EARLIER STATE of the jacket. No
> Priority Established, means that there is indeed two variants of the
> original First Printing dust-jacket! It appears as though Modern 
> Library
> contracted for "X" amount of First Edition copies of this title, to be
> printed. In the midst of manufacturing all First Edition copies, 2
> seperate dust-jackets were in fact issued, i.e. 225 titles & 268 
> titles.
> For example, William Faulkner's WILD PALMS, has a Preferred A, B & C
> binding, no priority established. While the A binding is more desirable
> to collectors, there is no definitive earlier state! Another example w
> ould be Bernard Malamud's THE NATURAL, which was issued in 3 different
> colored cloth boards, i.e. Red, Blue, Neautral. While the Blue Cloth
> copy seems to be the more scarce of the three and the Preferred Copy,
> there is no one copy earlier than the next, or a definitive earlier
> state. Look at a book like Mark Twain's LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI, which
> does in fact have earlier states, with definitve issue points.
> The same theory applies for this Fitzgerald Modern Library first
> edition. While the 225 title jacket is in fcat a more desirable and or
> collectible issue, there is no priority as far as date is concerned
> between the two variant dust-jackets. The later 1939 copies of this
> title which were issued, have the same 268 title dust-jackets but are
> indeed stamped "discontinued title" in red on the front of dust-jacket!
> I hope I have been able to answer your questions in a clear and concise
> manner! Please feel free to keep in touch with me if you should have 
> any
> further questions or if I can be of nay further asistance to you!
> Tahnk You very much and have a great weekend!
> Jason

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